Commercial Construction by Olah

Commercial Building Contractors You Can Count On

At Olah, our 20 years of experience in Michigan building means that we can create your retail shop or outlet on time and within budget. We’ll bring to your project our experience as commercial construction contractors, subcontractors, and construction managers on retail construction sites throughout southeast Michigan. With our breadth of experience and our reputation for quality and integrity, we at Olah are the perfect partner for merchants who want to build large or small, simple or complex, urban or suburban. We’re familiar with local commercial building codes and are committed to a high-quality, satisfactory retail construction experience for our clients.

Whether you’re a national or local retailer, whether you want to build a big box or a boutique, we at Olah can be as flexible as you need us to be. When you’re ready to start planning your retail construction, call us at Olah for the experience and the integrity you’re looking for.

Office Building Commercial Contractors

If you’re considering an office building, our Olah representatives will work with you even before you purchase the land. We will review the site you’re considering and give you our recommendations on underground conditions, traffic issues, land size concerns, site preparation costs, and other considerations. During the planning process, we’ll help you select your building materials. We’ll talk with you about the pros and cons of various materials, including metal, pre-cast concrete frame, and concrete and brick masonry.

Once the construction process is underway, we at Olah will oversee the project and make the day-to-day decisions needed to ensure that the foundation and walls are built to specifications and that the various systems—including plumbing, electrical, and heating/air conditioning—are installed and functioning well together. Once the building is up, we’ll complete the interior in the finishes you’ve selected for the walls, flooring, and build-outs.

We at Olah can offer our experience as a commercial contractor for single-story or multi-story office buildings and as commercial builders capable of bringing your project to a close on time and within budget. We deliver commercial construction you’ll be able to count on to serve your office needs for years to come.

Strip Mall Commercial Builder

You’ll be able to attract a variety of tenant businesses when your strip mall is built by Olah. As commercial building contractors, we at Olah know how to help you design and build a strip mall that comfortably accommodates various kinds of businesses at one location. As experienced commercial builders, we know how to complete the total construction project on time and within budget. We have the know-how to resolve the special challenges of noise, traffic and appearance that often present themselves at a strip mall location. We offer flexibility of design, to accommodate different types of businesses in close proximity, as well as adequate insulation for noise and fire protection needed with adjacent businesses. We’re familiar with the intricacies of city building codes. We are also skilled in creating clean and appealing storefronts in areas with high consumer traffic.

If you’re interested in building a strip mall that stands out, call us at Olah for the experience and skills you can use. We’ll work as partners with you on your retail construction project.

Commercial Remodeling

Why build new if you can remodel in your existing location at a lower cost? With Olah at your side as commercial construction contractors, you can turn an outdated site into a commercial presence that is eye-catching, highly functional, and more energy efficient. When you work with us at Olah, we can develop a new floor plan or work with the one you provide. We can move walls or work within the existing framework of rooms. We have access to interior design services and can give you all the assistance you desire in selecting a design theme and the décor and finishes to go with it.

For a commercial builder, commercial remodeling often involves the ability to work around existing tenants’ shop or office hours. At Olah, we can schedule work on evenings and weekends, so you and your tenants experience a smooth construction process, with minimal interruptions to your daily work flows.

Whether you’re looking for commercial construction contractors to oversee your commercial remodeling work, or a subcontractor to work as a member of your construction team, Olah brings the experience, knowledge, and skills you’ll need to get your commercial remodeling job done on time and within budget.

Highest Quality in Commercial Construction

At Olah, we stand behind our commercial construction work. Our reputation is built on:

  • Consideration and respect for our customers.
  • Quality workmanship at a fair, competitive price.
  • Creative, personalized designs.
  • Meticulous planning and attention to detail.
  • Dedication to maintaining the highest level of business ethics and professionalism.

From the initial discussion with you about your needs and preferences, through the final walk-through, you’ll be happy about the individual attention you’ll get from the Olah team. Our primary goal is your satisfaction.

The Olah Commercial Construction Contractors Team

At Olah, when we do commercial construction work, we benefit from the strength of our subcontractors and suppliers working together. We live by the standards we set for ourselves in the custom commercial construction processes. We give every phase of the process our close attention—from the first meeting through to the closing and handing over of the keys.

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When you contact us, we’ll be happy to visit you at your site and discuss commercial construction and commercial remodeling possibilities with you. Remember: at Olah, Our Reputation Is Building.

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