Turn Your Basement into a Great Place to Visit
by Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Gives You a Great Space for Relaxing and Entertaining

Photo of Basement Remodeling When Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling has completed your basement home renovation, you’ll sink into your easy chair in front of your new fireplace, across from your new built-in entertainment center, and enjoy the space that makes it all worthwhile. You’ll experience how your new finished basement makes your entire home feel roomier and more relaxing. Finally! When you do basement finishing with Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling, there’s more space — for storage, for activities, and for just plain enjoyment.

And the expert craftsmanship we use in our home improvement modeling work will make your basement renovations the envy of all who visit. You’ll enjoy the creative use of space, the finely wrought woodworking, and the luxury design touches that we routinely brings to all their home improvement work.

Basement Designs That Accommodate Various Uses

When you meet with an Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling representative, you’ll be amazed at the things your finished basement can do for you. Your representative will visit your home, look closely at your basement, and give you ideas on how you might lay out your space. Whether you want one large, open space for gatherings, several smaller rooms dedicated to specific uses, or a combination, you’ll be excited by the basement design options that are possible for your home.

When you meet with Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling, your representative will ask about the additional space needs you have and suggest ways your basement might be configured to meet them.

  • Accommodate overnight guests comfortably. No room at the inn? Your guests can sleep over in your new lower-level guest quarters, with a bathroom all to themselves.

  • Work on your crafts and store your supplies. Once your basement is finished, you’ll have the room you’ll always needed for your sewing, crafts, model trains, and other hobbies.

  • Watch football and serve snacks. While other family members carry out their own activities upstairs, your gathering can go on uninterrupted downstairs, in your new finished basement. If your basement remodel includes a kitchenette, you won’t even have to go upstairs for food. Everything you’ll need is available for you downstairs, thanks to your new basement remodel.

  • Entertain family and friends. Family holiday gatherings, Friday night poker games, graduation party, knitting group, birthday celebrations. Full bar, full wall entertainment center, room for tables and chairs. What more do you need?

  • Increase your general storage. Seasonal clothes, lawn or snow equipment, whatever you don’t have room for elsewhere. In your new basement design, you can include as much storage as you need.

  • Create a workshop in your basement. If it’s too cold in the garage and there’s no room upstairs that lends itself, build a workshop area into your basement remodeling plan. You’ll be able to close the door and you won’t even have to clean it up.

  • Add another bathroom. Relieve the pressure on your existing bathrooms, especially when there are teenagers in the house. Including a bathroom in your basement design allows you to turn your existing first-floor rest room into a luxurious powder room for guests.

  • Include a utility room. Your basement design can include a dedicated laundry room, complete with cupboards, folding area, ironing board, utility sink, and storage for home tools and equipment.

  • Add a workout room and shower. Your treadmill, weight bench, and workout machines will have a home at last! You can protect your equipment behind a locked door, to keep it safely away from children and unauthorized users. No need to fold up your equipment for storage in between uses; it’ll be ready for you to hop on as soon as you open the door. Just flip the switch and get started.

  • Build recreation space. Accommodate your ping-pong table, foosball game, and more. Include a full bar and full wall entertainment center to top it off.

  • Additional closet space. You can build a cedar closet or another equally well-protected space for the storage of off-season clothes.

  • Add a quiet study or work space for individual work or a larger space for group work. Build an office or homework area that accommodates one or more. Include a desk, a study table, bookshelves, and a computer table, with built-in niches for accessories.

  • Create a cozy winter space for relaxing in front of the fireplace. After the hockey game, while the stew is bubbling on the stove, put your feet up on the ottoman and warm up by the fireplace in your new basement.

For your new basement finishing job, there are unlimited basement design options you can choose from. Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling will help you decide how to configure your basement space to get the most out of it.

Your Basement Finishing Project Will be a Hit With your Family and Friends

Photo of Basement Remodeling When Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling has completed your basement home renovation, your family and friends won’t be able to resist dropping by to see your new basement design. Your basement will be appealing, fresh, and enjoyable in ways you never imagined. If you’ve typically declined to host family gatherings in your home in the past, due to a lack of space, now your family and friends will insist on visiting, to enjoy your appealing and welcoming new space. Even if your newly finished basement serves primarily utilitarian purposes, your basement remodeling job can free up the first floor for entertaining or other activities that might have been difficult to accommodate in the past.

You Can Trust Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling with Your Home Improvements

As you wrap up your basement renovations, you’ll think back on your early meetings with Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling — on the help we gave you in designing your basement’s layout, on our organized approach to planning and decision-making, and on the support we provided as the basement remodeling process proceeded — and you’ll appreciate all over again our knowledge, integrity, and expertise as a home remodeling contractor. At Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling, we stand behind our work. Our reputation is built on:

  • Consideration and respect for our customers.
  • Quality workmanship at a fair, competitive price.
  • Creative, personalized designs.
  • Meticulous planning and attention to detail.
  • Dedication to maintaining the highest level of business ethics and professionalism.

Turn to Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling for the Experience You Want in Finished Basements

When it’s time for your basement remodel, we want you to call us at Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling. We bring more than 20 years of homebuilding experience and a reputation for expert craftsmanship to your home remodeling project. We will turn your plain basement into a place that you’ll be proud of. Your family and friends will love to visit you and see your new basement design.

Call Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling at (734) 645-3100

When you contact us, we’ll be happy to visit your home and discuss home renovation possibilities with you. And remember: at Olah Custom Homes and Remodeling, Our Reputation Is Building.

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